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Introducing Watch Listen Read on Demand



Journeys of Faith -  Founded by Bob and Penny Lord  - Announces Watch. Listen. Read. on Demand!

Now you can Access our Library of Books. Audios.and Videos. on Demand at one convenient location for pennies per month.

Our media Libraries focus on  

Miracles of the Eucharist,
Apparitions of Mary,
Lives of the Saints
and more

This is how we can continue to go forward with our Ministry of Evangelization through Communications and also help you while you help us.

God created us to become Super Saints.

We are all on a Journey to Sainthood. 

Journeys of Faith Ministry is about Evangelization through communications, spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

We are all called to become Saints, and each of us has been created uniquely with special features and gifts by God.

Our goal is to spend eternity in union with Our God in Heaven. 

We will focus on our Catholic Culture of Life, Prayer and testimonies from daily life that will show us how to live as a Christian here and now and become a Super Saint in Heaven.

We are making our entire Book. Video. and Audio. libraries available to you our Patrons containing:

    1. 298 ebooks
    2. 250 audiobooks
    3. 175 videos
    4. Super Saints Podcasts
    5. In addition you will have early access to any new media we create!
    6. Ad free Contact
    7. Start your free trial today! 
    8. You will not be billed to until first of the month
    9. No contract required Choose from four packages
    10. You can cancel at any time,
    11. Download the free Patreon App on your device.

This is a great way for you to help Journeys of Faith expand our reach and help you and your families get immersed into the Catholic Faith!

Please share this post with your friends and family.

If you know anyone home schooling, please let them know about this offer. This is excellent for home schooling.

Thank you for your support.

Get the Details here

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