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Discover Overwhelming Scientific Evidence for Existence of God

Discover Overwhelming Scientific Evidence 

For the Existence of God

We are now in the 21st century and the advances in Science and Technology have provided us lots of overwhelming Scientific evidence for the existence of God and the Resurrection of Jesus!

If you know someone struggling with the existence of God then refer them to  this link. 

All this Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God can be found in one place!

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The contemporary evidence for God – from philosophy, science, and the medical study of near death experiences is enormous.

This volume presents a good cross section of that evidence, but does not exhaust it.

We will discuss three principle areas of evidence for God in this volume and one more in volume 2:

1. The contemporary scientific evidence (including the Borde-Vilenkin-Guth Proof, the entropy evidence, and fine-tuning evidence at the Big Bang) – ChapterOne.

2. Two contemporary philosophical proofs of God’s existence (a contemporary Thomistic metaphysical proof and a Lonerganian proof) – Chapter Two.

3. The transcendental attributes of God (perfect being, truth, love, justice/goodness, and beauty) – Chapter Three.

4. Six issues arising out of the scientific and philosophical evidence for God - Chapter Four.

1. Can the existence of God be disproved?

2. If the evidence for God is so probative, why do we need faith?

3. If the scientific and philosophical evidence is so probative, why are some scientists atheists?

4. The Bible and science. 5. Evolution and Catholic teaching.

All this Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God can be found in one place!

Or use the simpler sllde presentation

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 Reference: Credible CCBB - Volume One - Evidence of the Existence and Nature of God 


It is very simple!

You are a unique creation of God and you alone have been created for a unique mission to fulfill on this Earth. Only you can do it. That is why you need to believe in the existence of God and get in touch with your purpose while here.

The best way to start on your path is to get to know the lives of the Saints who are the best examples of those before us that did just that, they got in touch with their purpose and mission.

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