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Discover Overwhelming Scientific Evidence For the Resurrection of Jesus

Discover Overwhelming Scientific Evidence For the Resurrection of Jesus


We are now in the 21st century and the advances in Science and Technology have provided us lots of overwhelming Scientific evidence for the existence of God and the Resurrection of Jesus!

All this Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus can be found in one place!

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The contemporary evidence for God – from philosophy, science, and the medical study of near death experiences is enormous.

Excerpt from this evidence: Shroud of Turin

The Shroud has undergone considerably more scientific testing than any other relic in human history.

The 1978 STURP Investigation and subsequent investigations were remarkably thorough, and with the exception of the questionable 1988 carbon dating, all the evidence points to its being the burial cloth ofJesus:

1. Four contemporary dating tests:

The vanillin dating test of Dr. Raymond Rogers, the two spectroscopic analyses (of Dr. Giulio Fanti, et. al), and the compressibility and breaking strength tests (of Dr. Giulio Fanti, et. al) date the Shroud to a time commensurate with the life and crucifixion of Jesus (see below Sections II and III).

2. Three kinds of extrinsic dating evidence: Testing of pollen samples by Dr. Max Frei, roman coins on the eyes of the image on the Shroud, and 120 coincidences of blood and fluid stains between the Shroud and the Sudarium (Facecloth of Oviedo) give evidence of a date and location of the Shroud’s origin similar to that of Jesus (see below Section IV).

3. The blood stains on the Shroud: The blood stains tell a story very similar to the highly unusual crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth – they were imprinted on the Shroud before the image was made (the opposite of what would need to be done by a forger – see below Section I).

4. Formation of the image on the Shroud: The image was not formed by dyes, chemicals, vapors, or scorching. The only known explanation for the formation of the image is an intense burst of vacuum ultraviolet radiation (equivalent to the output of 14,000 excimer lasers) emitted from every three-dimensional point of the body in the Shroud (see below Transcendent Destiny from the Revelation of Jesus (Ignatius Press – coming 2016).

As will be seen, the combination of the above evidence is exceedingly difficult to explain in any way other than the burial cloth being that of Jesus of Nazareth. Moreover, the formation of the image by an intense outburst of vacuum ultraviolet radiation is suggestive of a resurrection event similar to that described in the Gospels. The above scientific evidence requires that a new carbon dating test be done which observes the standard protocols for sampling. When these protocols are observed, it would be surprising if the result was not similar to the results of the four new dating methods mentioned above – approximately 50 If this result is obtained, it would indicate that the Shroud of Turin is very likely the burial shroud of Jesus Christ with evidence suggestive of His resurrection in light.


There are six important sources of this history: De Gail, Paul. 1983. “Paul Vignon” in Shroud Spectrum International 1983 (6) ( John Long 2007 (A) “The Shroud of Turin's Earlier History: Part One: To Edessa” in Bible and Spade Spring 2007 ( John Long 2007 (B) “The Shroud of Turin's Earlier History: Part Two: To the Great City” in Bible and Spade Fall 2007 ( To-theGreat-City.aspx). John Long 2013 (A) “The Shroud of Turin's Earlier History: Part Three: The Shroud of Constantinople” ( Constantinople.aspx). See also Ian Wilson The Shroud of Turin 1978 p. 156. John Long 2013 (B) “The Shroud of Turin’s Earlier History: Part 4: To Little Lirey” ( CCBB - Volume 3 - Evidence for the History and Divinity of Jesus Christ 69 Section V). 



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CCBB - Volume 3 - Evidence for the History and Divinity of Jesus Christ

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.


It is very simple!

You are a unique creation of God and you alone have been created for a unique mission to fulfill on this Earth. Only you can do it. That is why you need to believe in the existence of God and get in touch with your purpose while here.

The best way to start on your path is to get to know the lives of the Saints who are the best examples of those before us that did just that, they got in touch with their purpose and mission.

Click here for Lives of the Saints

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