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We are streaming on Roku!

We are streaming on Roku!

Roku has over 50,000,000 users and is the fastest growing
internet TV source!
Our Bob and Penny Lord Channel is $3.00 per month at this time!
Our Roku Channel name is Bob and Penny Lord
Installation is easy.
Our Roku Channel name is Bob and Penny Lord TV
Installation is easy.

Step 1 Subscribe to our channel $3.00 per month

Step 2 Go to

 Step 3 Search for Bob and Penny Lord TV

 Step 4 Click Add Channel

Step 5 Login using your username and password created with subscription

You can watch the streaming channel or
choose any video from the Video On Demand Categories.

Catholic Videos on the Lives of the Saints, Miracles of the Eucharist, Apparitions of Mary and much more. Currently 137 episodes are uploading for viewing and we will continue to upload more episodes from week to week. 



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