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Our Apple TV Channel

Our Apple TV App = Bob and Penny Lord TV
Apple TV Device Required

Go to the Apple App search for  Bob and Penny Lord TV


 In order to watch Bob and Penny Lord TV on an Apple TV device you will need to enter your Username and Password at the login page.

In order to access our Channel you need to Subscribe and Create your Username and Password. 

Create your Username and Password 

We will help you create your account 
Choose pay Monthly - Quarterly - Yearly - Two Years

Subscribe Monthly click here pay $7 per month

Subscribe Quarterly click here pay $15 every three months

Subscribe Yearly click here pay $47 per year

Subscribe for Two Years click here pay $72 for two years

Simply click add to Cart and then Checkout. We will take your name and email and create your login and password for access to our TV Channel and email you with login instructions, username, password etc.   
Note: most members prefer us to do the leg work.

NOTE: (check spam folder if link is not in inbox and be sure to whitelist so you will receive emails from us to your inbox. For instructions on how to whitelist an email search google) 

To Access Bob and Penny Lord TV
Go to

Enter username and password then click login
Select Video on Demand in the Menu.

Our Apple TV Channel name is Bob and Penny Lord TV
Unlimited Access to our complete video list plus all live streams, including: Conferences, Saint of the Day, Music Concerts...
Installation is easy.

Be sure you have an Apple TV Device

 Step 2 Instructions on setting up Bob and Penny Lord TV on Apple TV Device

1. Using your Apple TV device

2. Click on the App Icon (Looks like A) at the Main Menu

3. Click on the search looks like (magnifying glass)
4. Start to type in Bob and Penny Lord TV

Before you get it typed in the Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel will appear and just select it and the login screen will pop up.


Step 3 Login using your username and password created with subscription
and choose what you want to watch from the many Categories in Video on Demand

Catholic Videos on the Lives of the Saints, Miracles of the Eucharist, Apparitions of Mary, Virtual Pilgrimages and much more. We will continue to upload more episodes from week to week.


Questions? Leave a message.