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Personalized Creations

Introducing Personalized Creations
Would you like to have a picture of your family, pet or scene immortalized on a keepsake item?
For example your family on a jigsaw puzzle?
The possibilities are endless. 

We have a source for creating hundreds of item variations for any one design,
from clothing like caps and  tee shirts, to wall decorations like posters even masks and school items like backpacks! 
We will create your designs and you can
browse the selections with no obligation
For example here is a link to browse some of our items we have created

The design process is very simple and quick.
Remember there is no obligation to buy!

Step One: 
Send an email to with an attached image.

Step Two:
We will create your design and email you a link for you to browse and also request changes to the designs with no obligation.

Step Three:
We will make design changes if any and resend your link for you to browse the items. We will keep your link active for you and your family to browse and select to purchase ( Prices are very reasonable and competitive)
Note: we will also create more designs for you and your family if you desire.
We know you will come back with more ideas
since we know the quality of our source. 

Get started today email your image
for us to design your creations.
Disclaimer: Journeys of Faith receives a small percentage of the cost of any personalized creation purchased from our source RedBubble. Furthermore there is no obligation to buy.