Miracles of the Eucharist of Spain - Bob and Penny Lord
Bob and Penny Lord

Miracles of the Eucharist of Spain DVD

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Three Miracles of the Eucharist in Spain.


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Go to Daroca, where a Blood-stained Corporal is on view. 
This Miracle of the Eucharist which gave courage to the Spanish troops in a battle against the Moslems, was used as a banner to lead them into victory against the enemy.

Then we go to Northern Spain to a little village called Cebrero in the mountains. Learn how He used the faith of a simple peasant to bring about this Miracle, which is still visible in the Church. 

Finally visit El Escorial, north of Madrid, to experience and venerate the Miracle of the Eucharist of El Escorial, in which a Heretic stomped on a Consecrated Host with his boots, causing the Host to bleed. Trace the story of this Miracle from Holland to Vienna, and finally to Spain.

See the Miraculous Host, venerated  by Kings, in the Monastery of El Escorial, which is still incorrupt.

Miracles of the Eucharist of Spain from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.

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