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Saint Catherine of Siena Audiobook

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The life of Saint Catherine of Siena

"O Eternal God, accept the sacrifice of my life for the Mystical Body of Thy Holy Church." Saint Catherine in Ecstasy.

Mystic - Stigmatist - Incorrupt. Travel with us to Siena, and St. Dominic's Church where she went into ecstasy. Walk through her home where she was mystically married to Jesus; see the cross where she received the Stigmata.

Go to Avignon, France where she convinced the Pope to return to Rome. St. Catherine was an illiterate who was taught to read by Jesus. She dictated her Dialogs, for which she was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church, one of only four women so honored. She is a bold Saint, one to know and follow. Pray for her intercession.

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Saint Catherine of Siena Video from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.

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