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Bob and Penny Lord founders of  Journeys of Faith have multiple affiliate plans.

1. Wholesale Status - 50% Discount

The simplest way for you to become an affiliate is simply to 
take advantage of our Wholesale Affiliate Program.

Wholesale program = 50% discount for purchases

First contact us at
send us your contact info and ask for Wholesale Status
or you may call 1-800-633-2484 and ask for Brother Joseph

We will create a Discount coupon for your store to buy at wholesale = 50% discount.
Write down your discount code and do not give anyone access to it. This code is for your store only.

Next go to our store
Add items to the cart
Checkout and enter the discount code at checkout and the 
50% discount will be applied.
We ship within 24 hours via UPS or USPS your choice.

2. Smashwords Affiliate Program
for selling ebooks

(We have over 300 ebooks listed at Smashwords.)

Anyone can be an affiliate. Commission rate is 40%

How to Enroll as a Smashwords Affiliate

  1. Sign up for a free Smashwords membership go to
  2. Click on the hyperlink to activate your Smashwords membership
  3. Go to your Account page
  4. Follow the "Affiliate System Management" link
  5. Click on the "Affiliate Marketers" sign-up button
  6. Read the Terms of Service agreement and click to join the program

There are 3 ways to Create Affiliate Links

Option 1

Once you are signed up as and Affiliate Marketer
Browse participating books and get linking code to add to your website!
This will connect you to this affiliate link Page
Click on the link and search by Author 
Enter Bob and Penny Lord in the Search box up top
which will take you to this link
Click on any ebook and the url in the browser will be your url to advertise
cut-and-pasteable affiliate links for your blog or website.


Option 2: 

As an affiliate, you simply append the text, "?ref=yourScreenName" at the end of any web address (web addresses are also called URLs).
To locate your screen name, click to your 
My Smashwords page,
and look in the web browser address bar.
You'll see an address where the last characters after "...view/" are your user name. ""

Once you locate your screen name, you can append it to links to the Smashwords home page, any author or publisher page, any book page, and any category or sub-category of books. You can even link to free books (while there's obviously no commission on a free book, by offering links to free books you'll drive traffic to Smashwords, and if the visitors purchase books while browsing Smashwords, you earn the commission).

To find the initial hyperlink, just go to the Smashwords home page, navigate to the link you want to promote, append your ?ref=yourScreenName code, and then that's the link you'll use.:


Example 1. Link to the Smashwords home page

Example 2. Link to Bob and Penny Lord page for Smashwords publisher, bobandpennylord

Example 3. Link to Book page for the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (even though this is a free book, it's one of our most popular books and if some clicks to this book, then purchases another book, the affiliate gets credit)

Example 4. Link to Literary best-sellers under 25,000 words

Example 5. Link to Fiction books


Option 3: 

When you visit the Smashwords website while logged into your affiliate account, you'll see links at the bottom of such pages, which you may copy and paste onto your own website, blog, etc.


Full documentation

We have created affiliate programs for bookstores with and without online presence.

Remember we value our affiliates and will work with you in every way possible to create and affiliate program for you!

We suggest you send us an email with a short description of your desires with regards to affiliate marketing and submit the form below.



Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven
President Journeys of Faith