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Instructions for watching Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel

Instructions for watching
Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel
You can view our Channel on any device connected to the internet!
First, you need to be a subscriber to the Channel - Click here to Subscribe
Here are instructions for each device:


1. Watch on iphone and android devices:

A. Download our FREE iphone and android device app - Click here

B. After you have downloaded the FREE app click on View TV Channel then click Login which takes you to


2. Watch on computers, tablets, ipads ie) anything with internet access

Open any internet browser and go to  our login page


3. Watch on smartTV

SmartTVs have internet browser built in to the menu.
Open any internet browser on your smarttv and go to  our login page

4. Watch on older TV using a streaming device

Use any streaming device with internet access connected to your TV
Open any internet browser on your streaming device connected to your TV and go to  our login page

Examples of streaming devices you can use:
There are many streaming devices with internet access and you may just go to any search engine and search for streaming devices with internet access.

Here are three examples to watch on any TV
A. Google Chromecast streaming device - has internet access using Chrome browser

B. Amazon Fire Streaming Device  - If you are a Amazon Prime Member you can Add the FREE  Silk Browser for internet access.

C. Use a mirroring cable - to connect your iphone directly to your TV - search for connect iphone to TV on your browser
In conclusion, there are many ways to access Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel and after reading the above if you need help please contact Brother Joseph at or click on the Chat with us Green Button on bottom right.
Use the Form below to leave us a message: