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“This is the will of God, your sanctification.”  1 Thess 4 

People are searching for God more than ever.  
We continue the work started by Bob and Penny Lord  in these areas:

1. Television production for EWTN - Our programs to EWTN at no cost!
2. Book Publishing - Our books are selling and we need to republish them.
3. Digital Conversion for download of all items - audio -  video - printed
4. Funding for providing Lives of the Saints on Demand videos to Catholic Schools and Parishes.
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Funding for providing Lives of the Saints on Demand videos
to Catholic Schools and Parishes.
There are many Catholic Schools looking for lives of the Saints videos.
You may fund your school or Parish in any state by donating $20 per month.
When you make your donation add a message to tell us what Catholic School or Parish you wish to fund with Lives of the Saints Videos on Demand.
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We provide over 170+videos on Demand using our Video Server at Patreon. These are the same videos that are airing on EWTN Global Catholic Television. Those that have seen the videos love them
and learn about the Catholic Saints.
This pays for the Server rental fees.


No amount is too small if you could go for a monthly donation that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Luz Sandoval-Lord, Blanca Perez and Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven


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