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We are Journeys of Faith founded by Bob and Penny Lord, renowned Catholic authors and hosts on EWTN, Eternal Word Global Catholic Television Network.

Our Mission is Evangelization through the media gifts that God has allowed to be created in our times!

***Our Core Beliefs***

"The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Faith." Catechism 1327

‚ÄúThis is the will of God, your sanctification.‚Ä̬†¬†
1 T
hessalonians 4

‚Äú...¬†lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven...‚ÄĚ
Matthew 6:19-21

" Our Goal is Heaven."
We focus our media on Jesus in the Eucharist, Mother Mary and the Saints!

Bob and Penny Lord left us a strong Foundation media on The Eucharist, Mother Mary, and the Saints upon which we now expand and develop Evangelization media tools.

***Evangelization Media Tools***

Tangible: Books, minibooks, DVDs,
Digital: audiobooks, ebooks, videos

1 We continue to reprint our books
2 We continue to produce new media -  video, audio and print.

3 Our Programs continue to air on EWTN 

4 We Provide Our TV Channel videos to Catholic Schools at no cost. If you know of a Catholic School submit form at bottom of page with the Schools contact info and we will send them info about access to Bob and Penny Lord  TV Channel at no cost to them.

5 Super Saints Podcast has reached over 30000 views
6 We just launched our Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel 
Subscribing to this Channel is a good way to support us.

Get the details Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel click here

***Would you like to be part of our Evangelization effort?***

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7 We just completed a 50KW solar panel installation which eliminates our electric bill at all our buildings!

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If you are considering adding Solar Panels to your home or business, please note that if you decide to go with Sun Valley Renewables of Conway Arkansas they will make a nice donation to Journeys of Faith.

I do not think you will find a better deal to eliminate your electric bill! Our Solar Panels produce more than enough electricity for all our buildings plus we sell the excess to our Electric Utility.
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Luz Sandoval-Lord, Blanca Perez and Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven


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