Pope Pius XII mini book - Bob and Penny Lord
Bob and Penny Lord

Pope Pius XII Minibook

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Pope Pius XII was a shining light in the darknessthat permeated the world, a light that would not allow itself to be extinguished. He was not only an instrument of peace; he was an oracle of love. He not only took Jesus’ words, You must love your enemy...seriously, he lived them, exchanging love forhatred and peace for war. A case in point, when it was reported to him that Joseph Stalin wished to know how many divisions there were in his army, he replied, “You may tell my son Joseph he will meet my divisions in Heaven.” A well-known journalist and publisher, upset over the widely orchestrated anti-clerical attacks against the Church, turned to the Pope and requested all newspapers in Italy publish all the acts of mercy performed by the Church during World War II. To which the Pope replied, “Only God must be testimony to what is done for our neighbor.” 24 Pages

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